Native Escapes is a family owned small business, dedicated to our Community, Local Economy, Agriculture and our Country. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality and most locally sourced products available. Every product we source is carefully selected based on our mission to support, Agricultural Research, Sustainability, Preservation, Holistic Health, Family and Community.

Native Escapes holds the highest respect for other family run Small Businesses that look to make a positive impact on their community and our country. Through extensive research and building trusting relationships we are able to provide our customer with Farm to Body products produced here in the USA.

Safety and Public Health are top priorities, not only for ourselves’ but for the businesses we partner with. We only source top of the line Hemp products from companies with Transparency and Organic practices. All of our CBD Products are third party tested for cannabinoid levels, pesticide residue, heavy metals and other contaminants. State of the art testing methods are used and THC levels are guaranteed to be under the federal limit of 0.3%

Our Mission at Native Escapes is to provide a relaxing and educational environment for all Vapor, CBD and Specialty Gift needs. We encourage community, transparency and integrity. New education and rising awareness have lead us to wonderful discoveries in Agriculture and Technology. There are now alternatives to Chemically Induced Pharmaceuticals and Tobacco Products. we are dedicating ourselves to making them available to our community.

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